Autochart Lead Profiling

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Autochart Lead Profiling

The Bluesky integration of Autochart technology is a finalist for Dealer Product of the Year in the 2015 Motor Trader Awards. This technology tracks visitors to your dealer website, and then adds the information gathered to your email enquiries, and into the Cognition LMS.

Motor Trader Award Finalist

Impressively, it will also alert your when someone who enquired previously comes back to the website, giving you the opportunity to convert them at the most relevant moment. Wouldn’t you like to know this information?!

Take, for example, the story below:

Visitor A arrives on the website having clicked an AdWords Ad when searching for the keyword "Used Ford Focus". Once on the site they look at two different Focus models, and then search (using monthly price) for a Fiesta instead. They then enquire on this Fiesta, and the accompanying email enquiry contains all of this information.

Your sales team can then use this information to influence how they approach the lead - in this instance, perhaps upselling to a more expensive Focus with a tempting finance deal.

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