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Designing Car Dealer Websites. Uniquely.

At Bluesky Interactive we want to ensure that you never blend in with the crowd. We think template sites do just that – make your business look just like everyone else. In a competitive marketplace this is the opposite of what you need, which is why our fully-responsive automotive websites are each designed bespoke for your business.

Built on our own custom automotive platform (COG) and filled to the brim with the latest cutting-edge tech, a Bluesky car dealer website will help you to stay ahead of the game. We can prove it too – every website is fully tracked with a transparent Google Analytics integration that gives you more (trustworthy) data than ever.

Some of our latest automotive websites

Sophisticated New Car & Finance Integrations

The Helston Garages website showcases new physical stock, complete with a custom finance integration and end-to-end checkout facilities. Never overlook physical stock again!

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Prioritising All Business Areas

Used cars isn't all that a dealer is about - and the Hartwell Group website ensures that new, servicing and vans customers are all equally looked after.

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A Website That Grows & Improves

Champions in optimisation, the JCT600 website is constantly analysed, adapted and updated, using our transparent and measurable set up. There's a reason it wins awards!

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Letting Their Customers Speak for Themselves

If your customers love you like Harwoods Group's do, you want their reviews fully integrated. It helps that the rest of the site looks fabulous too!

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Multi-Franchise & Multi-Talented

The Sinclair Group websites achieved first place in in the Auto Retail Network Website Report - in short, its performance is as impressive as its looks.

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Delivering Exceptional Automotive Page Speed

The Drive Vauxhall site pushes all the boundaries, thanks to AutoEdge website personalisation, lightning-fast SuperSearch and industry-leading page speed throughout!

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