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The Technology of the Future. Today.

The Technology of the Future. Today. hero image

A collection of automotive products & solutions off-the-shelf

Supplementing our completely bespoke automotive website design is our impressive collection of motor trade technology - we pride ourselves in being cutting-edge, meeting dealer's needs and continuously improving.

From futuristic online car purchasing (baked in), through to Artificial Intelligence (A.I) powered websites that change their layout based on the needs of the individual visitor, our technology is a true differentiator. Read on for some more examples of some of our latest tech.

Car Dealer Website Personalisation

Does your website know what your customers need? Don’t limit your website to one layout – our industry-leading website personalisation product allows you to adapt your website to the needs and profiles of your customers.

By using the powers of machine learning, our slick solution works out just what your customers want - personalising your website, live, to the needs of your visitors. Watch in awe as AutoEdge employs Artificial Intelligence to adapt content and layouts on the fly. Whether you are showing finance banners to highly-engaged new car customers, prioritising an enquiry form for visitors who didn’t complete their booking last time, or making sure they get to the right business area, fast, you'll see that AutoEdge is the future, today.

Car Dealer Specific

COG is our bedrock. Our foundation. Every Bluesky Interactive motor trade website is built on our custom Cog Platform, a collection of automotive tools, product and code designed specifically for the needs of car and vehicle dealers.

You get the best of both worlds - a unique design, whilst also benefiting from big technology gains without having to pay for their development. Plus, you can rest assured that our software-as-a-service technology supports over £3 Billion worth of stock (that's over 75,000 used vehicles).

Online Car Sales

The time has come to sell your cars online - and our automotive eCommerce platform, AutoTransact, will allow you to do just that. With the ability to buy and reserve used cars on your website, plus PX and finance functionality, this software can take your dealer website to the next level. Even better, you have exceptional control over deposit and valuation rules, offering the flexibility you expect from Bluesky technology.

Used Car Search

Do you want to give your customers more search options? If the answer is yes, then our keyword-led mobile-optimised search solution is for you. After years of Autotrader-driven used car search behaviour, we knew the time had come to open things up, and let customers search your stock like they would anything else online. SuperSearch is the solution, and it aims to help you get more details page views - and therefore generate even more enquiries. 

Our platform already integrates with most automotive 3rd party providers