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AutoTransact Automotive eCommerce

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The time has come to sell your cars online - and our automotive eCommerce platform, AutoTransact, will allow you to do just that. With the ability to buy and reserve used cars on your website, plus PX and finance functionality, this software can take your dealer website to the next level. Even better, you have exceptional control over deposit and valuation rules, offering the flexibility you expect from Bluesky technology.

BREAKING: Now available for non-Bluesky websites thanks to our eCommerce widgets!

Love the sound of this motor trade eCommerce platform, but aren't lucky enough to have a Bluesky website? Thankfully AutoTransact is now available in widget form, ready to plug into your website - no matter the provider. You simply supply your stock and dealer information, and we give you a set of dynamic buttons to add to list pages or VDPs. Then you can watch the transactions start rolling in!

eCommerce Vehicle Deposits

From Deposits Through to Full Payment

Facilitate all steps and levels of dealer eCommerce - from a small online deposit or reservation fee, through to complete online payment. Plus, offer integrated PX, add-on products and services and much more. This is what you can enjoy with one of the most comprehensive automotive deal-building solutions on the market.

Motor Trade eCommerce with Valuations and Finance

Integrated Valuation & Finance Functionality

Part-Exchange, Valuations and Finance are baked into the AutoTransact vehicle purchase solution, including the modular ability to switch these eCommerce features on or off with ease. Make it easy for a visitor to add on all their preferred options, or to keep the process short and sweet to maximise conversions - the complexity of the checkout journey is entirely up to you!

eCommerce with Flexible Car Dealer Settings

Extremely Flexible Dealer Settings

The AutoTransact automotive eCommerce platform is built to meet your needs - with flexible settings across all modules and down to individual dealer levels. Data compliance and fee rules are baked in as standard, ensuring the system works cooperatively with your dealer processes. Why not try it today?

screenshot of automotive ecommerce solution
screenshot of automotive ecommerce solution

Discover True Automotive eCommerce

Ask for a tour of the AutoTransact motor trade checkout solution, and how it can work for your dealership