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AutoEdge AI-Driven Personalisation

AutoEdge is an intelligent visitor tracking and dynamic personalisation solution that allows dealer websites to personalise and optimise the content presented to the visitor, in order to boost conversions.

AutoEdge turns a website from a static site making assumptions about what a customer might  want, into an engagement-boosting site that understands customers' needs and delivers them exactly what they need at exactly the right moment. With existing evidence showing that 72% of people only engage with marketing messages that are customised to their specific interests, we knew that this was a truly powerful opportunity.

The results of websites using AutoEdge speak for themselves – boosting conversion rate by 10% and delivering nearly 600 more used car enquiries in less than 30 days are merely two impressive examples. Here are some more key performance case studies:

For one dealer, homepage bounce rate fell by 7% to just 15.5%. In addition, AutoEdge visitors visited an average of 4.42 pages on the website – vs. 2.4 for standard visitors!

A new car campaign delivered 110% more new car search traffic – showing how well AutoEdge can direct customers to the most relevant parts of the website

Visitors shown personalised content on one dealer site converted at nearly 23%! That’s 1,400 EXTRA ENQUIRIES across the business in the last 30 days

Understanding Your Visitors

Understanding Your Visitors

Visitor behaviour is tracked and visitors are segmented by the software. we know what your customers care about, how engaged they are and more - allowing the software to show them the best possible message for their individual needs.

Harnessing the Power of A.I.

Harnessing the Power of A.I.

The AutoEdge software is powered by a sophisticated A.I. engine that tracks visitor behaviour and then automatically segments them into target audiences. Let this clever technology understand the best content to serve at the right time, and watch your conversion rate grow.

Strong Conversion Improvement

Strong Conversion Improvement

If you improve how relevant your content is for customers, you also improve how likely they are to convert. We consistently see significant improvements in conversion levels when AutoEdge is active on a site, across all key business areas.

Plus, Benefit From Lead Profiling Technology

In addition, AutoEdge has some “bonus” functionality out of the box – enhanced lead profiling functionality.

AutoEdge software builds a profile of the vehicle that the customer is looking for. It can add this customer data insight to the emails that go to your sales team, allowing them to understand the lead better, and offering powerful opportunities for upsell. Plus, enjoy the ability to anticipate your customer needs in advance.

Discover the Power of Personalisation

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