What makes the Alan Day Volkswagen website so good?

The Alan Day VW website was Highly Commended in this year’s Motor Trader Awards for the sought after category of Dealer Website of the Year. It’s a highly converting website that delivers 20% conversion levels, so it clearly performs very well – but what makes it so great?

Ease of use

We believe that this website is one of the easiest to use in the UK dealer marketplace, which we believe is a strong part of why it’s performance figures are so exceptional. Don’t get us wrong – it’s a good looking and approachable website too with attractive colouring and nice branding, but the convenience for customers is, we believe, industry leading. Every piece of technology that has been integrated into the website has been assessed to ensure that it is being used for a business benefit or a customer benefit – and ideally both.

Utilising responsive design

One of the key elements of this is the responsive web design, which provides a seamless user experience across all devices. We know that visitors access the websites on multiple devices, and making sure that they could find the same content using the same customer journey is given key priority.

Features that are convenient for the customer

In terms of individual features, the sticky navigation at the top of the page keeps the key contact options to hand no matter how far down the page people scroll. The same tool keeps the company’s social logos in view, as well as find us, phone numbers and Live Chat. Having been early adopters of Live Chat technology, building up experience and internal process over 4 years, this is considered a key lead generator that translates directly into sales.

In order to appeal to different customer types the Alan Day homepage features three different search options – searching by cash price, by monthly budget, and using lifestyle images (i.e. hatchbacks) to group vehicles together. This is supported by key offer banners and a smaller scrolling new car banner on the homepage, ensuring customers can find their way to their desired destination.

Advanced Used Car search refinement

Having searched for used cars (http://www.alandayvw.co.uk/used-car-results.aspx) the site offers the ability to refine search results using a simply finance integration, which aims to be easy to understand as well as convenient. Customers can opt to use Live Chat from the list page, or navigate through to the details page for more information, used car videos and plenty of high quality images, alongside bold key facts for road tax, MPG and CO2. Full finance integration also allows them to conduct a “pre-finance Check” on this page, assessing their likelihood of being approved for finance without a credit check.

Find the car again later – and compare

Finally on used cars, we allow customers to add the cars they like to a shortlist, which will save their favourite vehicles for return visits, as we know buying a car isn’t a fast process. This also allows comparison, continuing the spirit of openness, transparency and quality customer service that runs throughout the Alan Day VW Business. Interestingly, people use this comparison to order by tax cost and engine size most frequently.

Emphasising transparency and trustworthiness

The website features our JudgeService independent reviews. This shows Alan Day’s belief that transparency is important in ensuring customers trust them, as well as helping to motivate their teams to continually improve their CSI scores.

Implementing video and interactive technologies

Both Bluesky and Alan Day believe strongly in the power of video. They have begun introducing videos across used cars, and have even made a “Happy” video that went a little bit viral, getting an impressive 6,500 views! 

One of the key areas, however, has been adding 360 degree dealership tours to our location pages, a gradual process that enhances not just our website, but the quality and professionalism of our presence on Google Maps.

Finally, balancing brand and function

This website manages to tread the line between functional, practical and attractive. We firmly believe that flashy features and controversial design are very risky for a dealer website – people have pre-defined needs from your website content and it is your responsibility to deliver pages and technology that allow them to meet these needs as professionally and easily as possible. However, of course, the website also needs to be stylish, attractive and memorable, as it is a strong brand platform and has to be treated as such.

With its crisp look, great content and imagery (not to mention low bounce rate) we know that the Alan Day site is achieving the balance of form and function.

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