Top Tips on Attracting More Traffic to Your Motor Trade Website

Why is your dealer website important?

A car dealer’s website is one of the most important marketing tools at their disposal. Just a quick glance at some of the key industry stats will show how important and valuable they are:

  • 83% of car buyers visit a dealer website – if you don’t have one then they will visit someone else’s.
  • 77% of people use search engines in the car buying process – if your website and dealership can’t be found this way then the same will happen – they’ll go elsewhere. And if you’re relying on a manufacturer website to give searches your address or phone number, bear in mind that user experience on manufacturer websites is often more geared towards the vehicle than the dealership
  • 50% of buyers won’t contact you before they visit your dealership – they’ll do their research online and turn up knowing exactly what car they want to buy.
Clearly your dealer website can make a big difference to how many cars you sell – but it can only help you sell cars if you are getting traffic or visitors to your website to start with.

Whilst we offer a full range of digital marketing services to help dealers achieve higher levels of relevant traffic to their website, we know that not everyone understands the ideas behind digital marketing. And whilst it can be time consuming, we also know that some of you will want to manage your digital activity in-house.

This is why we have put together our latest 15 minute webcast on this very topic – giving you an overview of the key ways to attract more traffic, and equipping you to decide for yourself how much help you’d like from us. The video covers the basics of paid search (or Pay Per Click, PPC, advertising), Email Marketing and SEO as a strong starting point for generating the right traffic.

This useful and easy-to-understand webcast is available for all car dealers to watch on our website. Simply log in with your name and email address and watch the video.

Starting with the right website

Whilst this video should give you a good introduction to what to do off your website, it’s important to make sure that your website is as good as it can be before potentially wasting money attracting traffic that won’t enquire. We’d advise assessing how your website converts before allocating any budget, as a website with a good user experience is integral to making your traffic work for your business. Use the form below if you’d like to know a bit more about how your website needs to work in order to sell cars for you.

About these videos

This is the second in a series of digital marketing webcasts aimed at the car dealer and motor trade industries. To view the first, simply visit our YouTube channel.

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