PPC Jargon Crib Sheet

PPC advertising referred to the paid adverts that you see on Google, Bing or on a network of websites and blogs across the internet. It's an very important traffic and lead generator for dealers of all vehicle types and all shapes and sizes. We have an in-house PPC team who manage a wide range of campaigns, largely for the vehicle sales, car dealer and automotive marketplace - and there are a lot of terms that we use.

To help ensure that it's as clear as possible, here are definitions of some of the most common types of PPC jargon. Consider it your own personal crib sheet! 

  1. Contextual Marketing – Showing relevant adverts in relevant places. Usually used for adverts on websites or blogs, near relevant content.
  2. CPA / CPL – Cost per Acquisition, or Lead. How much you pay for each lead you receive through your PPC campaign.
  3. Conversion Rate – The % of people who saw your advert who then took the desired action – i.e. enquired on a car.
  4. CPM – Cost per thousand impressions (times the advert is shown). Alternative method of paying most relevant for brand or display adverts.
  5. CTR – Click Through Rate – The number of people who saw your advert divided by the number of people who clicked it.
  6. Display Network – A collection of blogs and websites that display Google adverts, in both text and images ad formats.
  7. Impressions – The number of times your advert is shown
  8. Keyword – A word used when performing a search. You can target your adverts at people using certain keywords
  9. Negative Keyword – Prevents your advert showing if this keyword is entered. Improves the relevance and performance of your campaign.
  10. Organic Listings – The Google search results. NOT the paid adverts at the top and right of the page.
  11. PPC – Pay Per Click. Advertising format where you pay every time someone clicks on your advert.
  12. Remarketing / Retargeting – Showing adverts to people who have already visited your website to encourage them to revisit
  13. ROI – Return on Investment. How much income or how many leads / sales has your AdWords budget generated?
  14. SERPs – Search Engine Results Pages.

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