Investing in People: My First Week as an Apprentice at Bluesky Interactive

We are pleased to announce that Bluesky have just taken on their first ever apprentice. Jacob Morris has joined our eMarketing team, and will be working with all of our key departments during his time with the business.

Bluesky Interactive has grown and developed a lot over the past few years – and a large part of that success has been making sure that we're investing in the right people, and building skills and expertise.

We are delighted to be able to offer Jacob an opportunity to grow within the Bluesky environment, and thought that this was a great chance to shed some light into the life of an apprentice at a digital agency. As such, we’ve asked Jacob to write a few words on his first week with the team, and where he hopes for his Apprenticeship to take him.

Who am I?

My name is Jacob Morris, I am just shy of 19 years old and this is my first week at Bluesky interactive.

After completing two years of Sixth Form, studying English Language, Photography, Media and Moving Images, I decided to defer my offer for Kingston University and apply for apprenticeships. I chose an apprenticeship so I could “earn and learn”, as well as developing my future potential.

What are my hobbies?

I am an amateur photographer always looking for a new idea or topic. I also have a website with some of the work I have produced (view it here). Music is also a high passion of mine – I have very diverse tastes. I play the bass and rhythm guitar, and often go to gigs or festivals when the chance arises.

This creativity is what first made me consider going into the design and digital industry – it seemed to fit with my interests and offered some interesting areas to learn about and grown from.

What is my plan?

I plan to work my way into the creative media industry, in a position I will feel comfortable and proud of. As such, my current role at Bluesky Interactive is perfect for me to develop my industry skills and knowledge.

I am looking forward to working in all the key Bluesky departments as I know that this will help me with expanding my knowledge about the industry, providing skills for my future. It will also help me feel more comfortable within workplace environment – from meeting lots of different people to understanding office work pressures and priorities. I also suspect that being introduced to web design could really help me with my future plans, and possibly my ultimate career goals in life.  

What has my first week involved?

I didn’t really know what to expect during my first week at Bluesky, maybe just shadowing people and making tea! Instead, Zoe has taken me under her wing and shown me the ropes so, making me feel included immediately.

My week started with learning about meta data and how important it is to a website, and then being tasked with writing the content in an SEO friendly way and completing spreadsheets of re-direct URLs for the technical team. Since then I’ve also been sourcing and research social media content for our social media clients – I hadn’t realised how much work goes into finding interesting things to share on Twitter and Facebook!

I have enjoyed my first week at Bluesky and I think I will enjoy my apprenticeship here. I am looking forward to being assigned new and interesting tasks which could benefit both myself and the company!

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