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Introducing the MB Event Platform V3 - Mobile-first and data driven technology

Introducing the MB Event Platform V3 - Mobile-first and data driven technology

Article published: 28 July 2021

Our sister company, MB Advertising, have launched V3 of their unique car showroom event platform in response to the changing consumer behaviour since the global pandemic, so that car dealerships can remain competitive and ahead of the digital curve.

Omnichannel car showroom experience

Customers can easily buy their next car either online or physically from car showroom because this is what they want and expect living in a digitally driven world! They want to be in control of their own car-buying journey by using their mobile phones to book appointments around the clock and also to make the purchase on a day and time that suits them.

Did you know?

  • 80% of all appointments are made using a mobile phone?
  • 84% of customers prefer to book an online appointment themselves using smart one-touch technology?
  • 64% of all engagement happens when dealerships are closed?

V3 works perfectly for dealerships wishing to run their car showroom events online or using a blended approach to meet the changing behaviours and digital needs of their customers.

Data driven technology

MB evolved V3 to respond to the data which they have been tracking well before the pandemic started. With a live-time dashboard, V3 tracks every invitation by channel, performance, response and conversions into appointments plus all the appointment show rates that dealerships need.

Stakeholders can track and measure key metrics and data insights in real time such as the number of cars being sold during the event, to maximise and convert hot leads even further. With automatic emails and SMS alerts to all appointed customers, dealerships are truly maximising every opportunity from their databases for greater returns on investment.

MB understand what works and can guide you accordingly using data insights to achieve the very best return on investment. They can tell you exactly how your database responds to each invitation channel, valuable data insight that minimises costs and optimises responses for future campaigns.

MB Advertising, part of MBBluesky Group, are a results driven creative marketing agency who have worked with automotive clients for the last 30 years. They provide award-winning marketing solutions to top AM 200 dealer groups, independent dealerships, prestige franchises and car supermarkets to effectively sell cars, vans, bikes, and trucks across all marketing channels.

Watch the video here to learn about V3.

To book your next car showroom event or to request a demonstration of V3, please visit:

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