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Introducing AI-Powered videos with Phyron

Introducing AI-Powered videos with Phyron

Article published: 11 March 2021

Bring your vehicles to life with automated AI videos, thanks to our partnership with digital innovators, Phyron!

Why does video matter to car dealers?

Nothing engages a buyer more effectively than a video of the car – it’s as close as possible to the in-dealership experience. This matters hugely in these unprecedented times – but is just as important in a normal automotive sales environment.


Video helps shoppers compare & contrast


95 %of buying decisions are driven by emotions


75% of auto shoppers have been influenced by video


Auto videos make customers take action

There is an undeniably high demand for automotive video. After all, dealerships want faster turnover, while supporting their branding and creating trust.

Auto Trader data tells us that car listings with video return an average of 17% more leads – and 2 years of Phyron video data on, the 9th largest classified side in the world, have shown that car listings with video sells at least two days faster.

So what is the problem with traditional automotive video?

Traditionally video has very limited usage due to some common obstacles:


Producing a video per car manually is extremely expensive

Requires Extra Systems

Self Service Apps mean one more system, plus the associated manual labour costs

Slow / time consuming

Manual / Self Service are not automatically updated, making them a real time lag

Phyron AI-Powered videos are the solution to these problems: 100 % Automated, AI-enhanced Car Videos = Zero Manual Time Per Car

Thanks to this innovative partnership between Bluesky and Phyron, we are able to remove all manual work from your video provision, producing engaging, AI-powered vehicle videos instantly.

The Phyron system hooks into Bluesky’s Used Vehicle API to retrieve all of your latest vehicle images and specification data. The Phyron AI Software then combines these data points into a relevant and engaging video, putting relevant images and data together – such as ensuring transmission spec shows on the gear-stick visual, or alloy wheels on the relevant photo. Any changes to the vehicle record automatically update the video, with no manual work involved.  

How much does this solution cost?

This amazing solution is available for a small monthly fee per car, getting ever-more affordable as your stock portfolio scales. This makes it very competitive, especially once you factor in the time and manual labour of alternative video systems, alongside the savings achieved by selling your car faster!

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