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How to Sell Electric Cars on Your Website

How to Sell Electric Cars on Your Website

Article published: 25 January 2021

By September 2020 there were more than 160,000 electric cars on UK roads – and that figure is only going to continue to grow. The electric revolution is here - but are dealer websites ready to showcase these eco-friendly vehicles to their full potential?

We know that Bluesky websites have the necessary tech – but making the most of electric needs more than just nifty tech and useful data. Instead, it needs a focus on education and information that hasn’t historically been called for on motor trade sites.

Here are the top 5 things you need to do to give your electric sales a jolt:

1. Dedicated electric vehicle data

It perhaps seems obvious, but if you’re going to sell electric or hybrid cars (new OR used), you need to make sure that you are giving your customers the facts and figures that matter. Showing blank spaces for MPG and CO2 simply won’t do.

Bluesky websites have both new data and used electric data capabilities built in, so whether you are advertising a brand new model or a pre-owned beauty, we will either have the information you need, or the fields in admin for you to add your own.

Top Tip:

Speak to your Account Manager about designing a specific layout for electric vehicles, pulling in different data points dependant on fuel type. This way, you know that electric customers are always being shown the information that matters.

2. Useful electric-sales tools

Build on your excellent FAQ content by offering customers useful tools to understand the eligibility of electric vehicles for their needs.

Our clever Electric Car Calculator is just one such tool. Our quick and convenient calculator uses customers’ common journey needs to determine how suitable an electric car would be for them. Even better, this clever little tool can plug into a new or used vehicle details page (utilising the range of the vehicle in question), or can stand alone as part of a dedicated electric car portal or section.

Top Tip:

For any positive results, showcase the benefits of electric – but don’t be afraid to cross-sell into hybrid stock where appropriate (don’t worry, this functionality is built into the calculator).

3. Alternative fuel FAQs

Whilst electric cars may have accounted for 6.7% of new vehicle registrations last year, that doesn’t mean that customers feel confident buying them yet. With any product or market segment quite so close to the initial “early adopter” pickup, there are going to be a lot of questions contributing to the hesitance of potential customers.

Counter these nerves by answering questions and sharing benefits directly on your website - whether in dedicated sections, or directly on the vehicle details pages. By pre-emptively answering common alternative fuel questions, you prevent customers feeling the need to leave your site to do more research.

Top Tip:

If you don’t have the time or resource in-house to create this content, why not consider a 3rd party or copywriter?

4. Clear electric signage

Electric car customers tend to be different to traditional fuel customers, and yet we often insist on listing the vehicles in exactly the same way.

Make sure that you make this stock as easy as possible to find through the use of clear website signage. This can take the form of dedicated electric links in the meus, flags and sashes in used car results, or even full dedicated electric vehicle sections on your website. The world is your oyster!

Top Tip:

If you use AutoEdge to personalise your website, consider personalisation for customers who prefer electric!

5. Engaging content

Engaging content is the final item on our list, and in an ideal world it pulls all the other elements together.

Ideally with the tools, calculators and data above, you are armed with all the information a customer needs to make a decision to buy an electric vehicle – but in order to get them over the line, you really need to put all this in a truly engaging format.

This means a mix of written text and video content, plus images where appropriate. All the standard “engaging content” tips apply here - don’t make your sentences too long, break up content with subheadings, and try and make it accessible and interesting.

Top Tip:

Consider using existing video content from manufacturers if you can’t make or commission your own.

With all the above, you should have a truly engaging electric-focused website

The end goal? A dedicated electric car section on your website that gives customers what they need and more – whilst consistently promoting your new and used electric stock. Easy, right?

For more tips on how to truly showcase electric vehicles, speak to your Bluesky Account Manager.

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