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How Colour & Copy Can Improve Your Sales Conversions on Your Dealer Website

How Colour & Copy Can Improve Your Sales Conversions on Your Dealer Website

Article published: 28 July 2017

There are a number of factors which you can consider when aligning your colour and content writing choices with your dealership’s branding and web design.

There are a number of factors which you can consider when aligning your colour and content writing choices with your dealership’s branding and web design:

Target audience and colour

According to a wealth of opinion polls, both males and females voted blue to be amongst their favourite colours, yet earthy tones were voted as both genders least favourite. Blue traditionally has connotations of having a calming effect that can build trust with a prospective customer - hence why it is used so often in branding for the financial and health industries. Purple is used in a lot of feminine beauty product branding due to its connotations of royalty, luxury and pampering.

However, despite orange also being voted as one of male and females least favourite colours, we have found it to be particularly effective at drawing the eye without being distracting and use it often for buttons in our email marketing campaigns!

So what can car dealers take from these findings? Considering the gender and age range of a target audience could be harnessed to convince customers to click the CTA button by appealing to their personal tastes and finding what attracts them - perhaps an older customer may want to have a sense of security online, or a younger first time driver wants that feeling of exhilaration and freedom that can comes with driving.

Eliciting a reaction with colour

Research has found there to be common behavioural responses in consumers when they are exposed to a particular colour - for example, we see a lot of red packaging and branding in marketing fast food, as it has been found to incite hunger.

To elicit the reaction you want can take some trial and error, striking the right balance between eye-catching and convincing, yet not distracting the eye from the content surrounding the CTA.

Brand building

It is also important to note your brand colours, as a corresponding colour scheme to your website and marketing presence will create a stronger and more uniformed image for visitors to connect with emotionally, building their trust.

Colours which a client wouldn’t associate with your brand will not be successful, as they will look out of place - for example, the red used in Kia’s branding, or the sleekness and sophistication of Mercedes-Benz would look unusual with lime green branding!

For Bluesky email marketing campaigns, we have found that colours like red or purple, whilst eye-catching, may have the opposite desired effect and draw the eye away from your content.

Writing compelling microcopy

To compliment your colour choice, it is essential to create a friendly and compelling tone of voice to encourage visitors to fill in your booking form information. The small pieces of text which give insight or instruction on lead generation forms are called ‘microcopy’ and can be the make or break when it comes to sales conversions!

As in this service booking form from T L Darby, the microcopy informs and reassures the customer by telling them exactly how their information is being used. This builds trust with them and will make them feel less precious about handing over their private information.

You are writing to convince, and effective microcopy can be what gives your prospects the peace of mind when giving their details online. Letting a customer know how their data will be used when filling in booking forms can give them the peace of mind that they need to know that they won't be spammed by you after they hand over their email address and names.

Split testing

Copy should be written with a tone of voice that reflects and reinforces your brand identity - which in turn builds trust with your customers. Conducting serious customer research could be the difference between writing microcopy that resonates with the prospective customer and what copy is rendered easy to brush off.

Simply reviewing the success or user friendliness of your copy on your CTAs can have a dramatic effect on your conversion rates and finding which designs are going to be your most effective and suitable for your brand/website. Using language which is too niche or colloquial could impact how well a visitor understands the meaning of your copy and bounce away from the conversion opportunity, for example, use of the term ‘aftersales’!

It is also important to test a range of colours on your CTA buttons, as this may be the only way to get an effective response from your client base.

Analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Visual Website Optimizer are useful for split testing different designs and finding out exactly which pages, content and design are the most successful amongst your website visitors.

Using A/B split testing such as moving the position of the CTA button to improve visibility, using different colours, changing the copy and altering the images used can all make the slightest difference to how a visitor responds to the content on your website or communications. It can also make the difference between them bouncing away from your page or staying to navigate around.

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