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How can you maximise checkout profitability?

How can you maximise checkout profitability?

Article published: 01 September 2021

Today we're sharing some insights on the Value Added Products module, part of the AutoTransact automotive checkout solution. Letting dealers sell products above and beyond the vehicle, this is a real opportunity to make more profitable sales!

A little bit about AutoTransact

AutoTransact is Bluesky's own automotive eCommerce platform, and we believe that it is the most flexible solution on the market. It can facilitate a number of journeys - from reservations through to full cash purchase and finance applications, and it does so with a range of options and customisations throughout. 

Even better, AutoTransact doesn't require you to have a Bluesky website. Give us a shout on the form below if you'd like to know more!

What is a Value Added Product?

You know all those upsells you would normally make when setting a car to a dealer? Well, now purchasing is moving into the online space we need to be able to support those "Value Added Products" within the eCommerce environment. 

Put simply, they are typically product upsells - warranties, service packages, car mats and fluffy dice. Customers can add them to their order within the checkout, helping you to upsell even when your sales team aren't actively involved in the transaction.

What types of products can I use this module to sell?

You could use this module of the AutoTransact checkout to sell a huge range of products or packages - the world is your oyster! Here are some initial ideas:

Service Packages

Service Packages

If you sell service packages for one-off payments, then this could be a great idea to include within this "optional extras" step of the customer journey.

Commonly our dealers tend to add bronze, silver and gold package levels, giving your customers lots of choice!

Vehicle warranties


Another common product area would be warranties - set costs for X number of months of protection.

Of course, your compliance experts will need to make sure you're compliant, but we anticipate a lot of dealers adding this functionality within this module!

Product packages


Why not offer customers a discount for different upsells packaged together?

This module is very simple to use, so you could just create a new "product" that is in fact two products combined and discounted. Talk about adding an incentive!

A note about insurance products:

At this point, we would recommend you don't use this module to sell insurance products - unless you're only offering Value Added Products against reservations, in which case you could offer insurance products as a payable-later feature that is more of an expression of interest than a purchase.

But the moment you move into customers paying for the product there and then (such as with the full cash purchase journey) you run the risk of being non-compliant with regards to demands and needs expectations, so we would STRONGLY advise that you don't do it!

Other ways to maximise the return on investment of your checkout

Removing the haggle

By offering full purchase online (and even reservations), dealers have reported that customers aren't expecting to haggle with dealers, meaning they are much more likely to pay full price for the vehicle than if they were to purchase in the showroom.

This means that the motor trade checkout is actually delivering more profitable sales, just by being there at the right time for the right people. 

Flexible delivery options

Combine offering a benefit to customers and the ability to make a profit with our flexible collection and delivery options. This includes being able to offer customers the ability to move their car to another dealership location (for a fee if desired), and to also offer driven and/or transported home delivery.

These can be set up per purchase type, and you can set up entirely custom fees and fee bands. This is the best of both worlds - profit for you and useful facilities for your customers. 

Would you like to know more about how AutoTransact can be added to YOUR dealer website?

Give us a shout via the form below and we'd be more than happy to arrange you a demo!

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How can you maximise checkout profitability?

Today we're sharing some insights on the Value Added Products module, part of the AutoTransact automotive checkout solution. Letting dealers sell products above and beyond the vehicle, this is a real opportunity to make more profitable sales!

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