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How can AdRoll help your dealership?

How can AdRoll help your dealership?

Article published: 04 January 2018

Have you heard of AdRoll, a well-respected retargeting and prospecting platform? Here's how they can help your dealership to maximise returning traffic.

If you work in marketing in the automotive industry, the likelihood is that you're familiar with Google AdWords, SEO and various different digital marketing approaches. However, you might not have heard of AdRoll.

What is AdRoll?

AdRoll is, by their own definition, a retargeting and prospecting platform. In essence it offers elements of Google’s remarketing approach, alongside Facebook remarketing – and some other more advanced features that it’s not worth getting into now.

AdRoll Remarketing for Car Dealers

How is AdRoll relevant to car dealers?

In it’s most basic form, AdRoll allows dealers to show adverts across the web (on a wider network of websites that Google or Facebook alone). These adverts can be shown to people who have already visited your website, increasing your chances of getting those visitors back to your website and converting. This minimises the chances of them enquiring with a competitor instead!

The most exciting feature, however, is called Dynamic Retargeting, and this allows you to remarket your actually used car stock to customers.

What is Dynamic Retargeting?

Dynamic Retargeting takes a stock list of your used cars, and generates adverts based on a customer’s activity.

So if I viewed two of your used cars on your website, I would be shown an advert featuring those cars around the web and Facebook – allowing me to click back in and enquiry when I can’t resist any longer. If I only looked at one car, the adverts show the car I looked at and some of the most popular used cars on your site.

AdRoll Dynamic Retargeting for Car Dealers

How do I run a campaign like this?

Your Account Manager will be able to suggest budget levels and organise your campaigns for you, but there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Before you can run a dynamic campaign you have to have spent £500 with AdRoll on standard remarketing
  • The ads rely on a feed, so this will need to be set up before ads can run

Interested in running an AdRoll campaign with Bluesky? Speak to your Account Manager or complete the form below!

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