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Free Digital Tools for Car Dealers

Free Digital Tools for Car Dealers

Article published: 01 August 2019

As a leading automotive agency, we work with and try out a lot of clever (and not so clever) digital tools. Here we share some of our favourite free tools that car dealers can take advantage of.

As your leading industry experts, Bluesky Interactive spend a lot of our time interacting with a number of exciting digital tools and solutions. Some of them are our own products, born of a knowledge of car dealer industry specifics and needs, and yet others are tools from the digital market at large.

Whilst we use these tools day in and day out, we are aware that some of these clever pieces of kit can be of use directly for our dealer clients. Even better, a number of these tools are entirely free!

Read on for some of our favourite completely-free digital tools for the motor trade:

Google Analytics

An oldie but a goodie, we think Google Analytics is a truly essential part of ay digital marketer’s toolkit. With huge quantities of data to suit every level of expertise, google Analytics is the industry benchmark for monitoring your website’s performance and identifying opportunities.

Google Analytics is of course a standard tracking integration for Bluesky websites, as we love its transparency and consistency. If you don’t have a Bluesky site you might not have quite the level of data in your Analytics account (we do a lot to go “above and beyond” with our Analytics solution), but as long as your site has been built with reporting in mind you should still be able to find lots of useful info!

Google Analytics

Google Data Studio

Associated with Google Analytics is Data Studio, Google’s free reporting solution that lets you pull data from loads of places – both in the Google product suite and 3rd parties. Once you’ve pulled in data from your favourite sources you can use it to product dashboards and reports that look really visual.

It’s definitely worth looking for some online training videos, but once you’ve got to grips with the basics we think Data Studio packs one hell of a punch for a free solution. We even use it for some of our in-house reporting!

Chrome Browser Extensions

Tarting up your browser with some of Chrome’s amazing browser extensions is an obvious next step for the keen automotive marketeer. Extensions are clever browser plug-ins that allow you to press a button next to the URL field and get insight or do something useful on the page you are looking at.

A couple of our favourites would be:

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot

The Awesome Screenshot tool lets you take a screenshot of a web page and mark it up with notes. Most useful, it can screenshot the entire page from top to bottom. We also love the record screen tool, and think it’s a great way to record any bugs you are having issues with to allow developer to replicate them. It’s win win for both us and our clients!

SEO Meta in 1 CLICK

A very simple tool, this SEO focused plugin shows you all the key SEO info for a page in just one click – such as the headings, image al tags, meta data and so on and so forth. This means you don’t have to trawl through the page source!

Hootsuite Social Media Management

If you run the social content for your dealership then we would hope that you are making your life easier by using a free social management tool such as Hootsuite (there are also others out there, such as Buffer). Their free plan includes up to 3 social profiles and 30 scheduled messages, and is the ideal tool to help you plan and schedule your social updates.

SimilarWeb Competitor Analysis

If you’re curious about your competitors – and in today’s market, you really should be – then there are free digital tools out there that can help give you a little insight. Whilst a Bluesky website will help you stay ahead of the crowd (an no templates means you won’t be blending in with your competitors), you can always be doing more.

A quick search on SimilarWeb will give you insight into traffic volumes, rankings, referrals and more – as long as your competitor’s website is big enough to track! It’s definitely one to have a curious browse through though!

Similar Web

So there you have it – some of the favourite free digital tools used by an actual digital agency. Have you used any of these before? Is there anything you would like to see us add?

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Free Digital Tools for Car Dealers

As a leading automotive agency, we work with and try out a lot of clever (and not so clever) digital tools. Here we share some of our favourite free tools that car dealers can take advantage of.

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