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Exploring a website with the Codeweavers API integration – and some custom goodies!

Exploring a website with the Codeweavers API integration – and some custom goodies!

Article published: 28 May 2021

Discover the impressive features of an omni-channel dealer website, featuring the latest in bespoke Codeweavers API finance integration, build in part exchange and a completely unique search journey.

Today we’d like to share an example dealer website. Here at Bluesky we specialise in bespoke automotive website design – and this coupled with our market-leading motor trade solutions and innovations makes us ideally placed to deliver incomparable bespoke innovations that allow our clients to stand out from the crowd.

Long-term client, Caffyns, approached us with a unique vision – to create an omni-channel automotive ecommerce journey that seamlessly integrated with the Codeweavers API and platform, integrated a sophisticated part exchange solution, and could facilitate a search journey for customers who didn’t know what make and model they wanted.

Thankfully Bluesky already had the products and expertise to create this bespoke customer-flow, and we have delivered a custom integration on top of our existing AutoTransact eCommerce platform.

Let’s take you on a tour of some of the key omni-channel features:

Budget Search Journey

It is estimated that 20% of your customers don’t know what make or model of car they are looking for – instead, these customers typically have a budget in mind. However, traditional car search is built for the other 80%, and ensuring a search works for both can be challenging.

On the Caffyns website we provided a “get out” for customers who felt uncertain, directing them instead to a bespoke budget search journey.

In just three steps customers could specify their budget and preferred purchase type, and provide details of their Part Exchange to get an accurate, CAP-live drive valuation that feeds automatically into their deposit. Even better, these valuations (powered by the incredibly sophisticated AutoTransact valuation functionality) are then immediately available within the ecommerce checkout and the vehicle details pages, ensuring true omni-channel continuity.

Deal-building Functionality

On the vehicle details pages we created a custom version of the Codeweavers API integration, which allows our dealers to have unique finance presentations, and integrate that finance with other intelligent Bluesky solutions.

For Caffyns, the project focused on allowing customers to stack their own deal in as much detail as they wanted before contacting the dealership – whilst also facilitating more traditional journeys for customers who were less digitally engaged.

Here you can see that the finance sliders are fully integrated with the part exchange valuation module. Once stacked, the customer can then progress through the eCommerce journey, making a reservation, paying for the car outright in cash, or even completing a full end-to-end finance application into the Codeweavers portal.

How Does This Omni-Channel Dealer Website Approach Perform?

Since launch, the Caffyns omni-channel solution has delivered:


Increase in the amount of finance budget searches completed on the website


Decrease in bounce rate on vehicle details pages as customers engage more actively


Increase in conversion rate, including delivering nearly 250 checkout conversions in the first month alone!

How can I get a dealer website this good?

This is only a whistle stop tour of the Caffyns integration – AutoTransact itself has a vast array of features and benefits that could easily have filled a blog post all on their own. If you like what you’re seeing, and wish that you dealer website had a bespoke solution that met your objectives, then get in touch to find out more on the form below.

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