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Car Dealer Website Statistics - Benchmarking & Best Practice

Car Dealer Website Statistics - Benchmarking & Best Practice

Article published: 17 December 2015

If you are interested in knowing how your website performs in comparison to other car dealers, or what the best figures in the industry are, then this is the automotive blog post for you.

The ability to compare the performance of your website against your nearest and dearest automotive competitors is a vital part of running a successful car dealer website in a very digital time.

Because of this, we've analysed 190 of our car dealer websites, comparing data from over 100,000 visits in the past month, and dissecting over 18,000 individual pieces of dealer website data.

The outcome of this is the below infographic - all the key dealer website stats presented in an engaging, shareable format. From bounce rate to enquiry levels, location to the most popular day of the week, this is your chance to understand your digital environment even better than before. If you've ever asked yourself "Is my dealer website as good as everyone else's?", then this real-life, genuine data should help you to answer the question.


It's all shareable, of course - so if you know someone who would find this post interesting simply share it with them!


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