Can video help with your recruitment?

The digital marketing we do for car dealers here at Bluesky Interactive isn’t just about selling cars or booking customers in for servicing, although obviously that’s still an important objective of their website and their marketing activity!

For a lot of our dealers, recruitment is an ongoing process, and finding the right people for the right jobs is of vital importance. We’re sure you’re familiar with the job hunt process, but have you ever thought about using video marketing to help you find high quality applicants?

We are putting together a range of video packages – groups of related and complimentary video marketing that can help you to achieve specific business goals. We offer a range of video concepts, and you choose those most relevant to your business. We then work together two create a script and plan, and turn the concept into a reality.

If you are interested in developing a recruitment video plan, get in touch today.

Here are some video ideas that lend themselves well to ongoing job recruitment in the dealer marketplace:

A year in a minute
Promote your company as a great place to work at with a catchy synopsis of the last year squeezed down into one minute. This video should show the highlights of the year, including both company progress (awards, sales figures) as well as more and personal staff highlights, such as promotions or achievements.

A Day in the life of…
Show prospective candidates what it would be like in their chosen role by creating “A day in the life of…” videos of key positions. These will demonstrate the work involved in each department / position, as well as showcasing the work environment and the type of people candidates would be working with.

About the Job
Getting more specific again, this is an opportunity to put your job description and recruitment criteria in a video format. This will be more interesting and appealing to potential candidates, as well as hopefully ensuring theat only relevant people apply. This video would contain lots of close up work details alongside a narrator.

Company conference or night out event videos.
The social work environment is an important element of attracting applicants to consider your company. By sharing some of the more casual elements, such as the work Christmas do, company football team and team fundraising activity you advertise your business in an attractive and appealing light. This can also help with general branding, especially when accompanied by more technical videos demonstrating your knowledge and expertise.

Spoof interviews
Filter out inappropriate applicants and hopefully minimise the chance of bad interviews by creating two  spoof interview scenarios – the ideal interview, vs the world’s worst interview. This is useful knowledge and insight for candidates into how the recruitment process works, and the humorous side should help to encourage sharing on social media.

How to be a…
Attract organic search engine (SEO) traffic to your website by creating recruitment focused videos that appeal to common search terms. How to videos, such as “How to be a car sales exec” should help with your website and YouTube search presence, as well as being useful and informative for applicants.

Team member profiles
Profiling key team members in video form doesn’t just help with recruitment, but can also personalise your business, making it more appealing to the general customer. From a recruitment perspective, videos like this make applicants realise that current staff are “real people”, helping to encourage them to pluck up the courage and apply.

Business Benefits
Again, this video is about selling your business to prospective candidates. Do you supply free biscuits and real coffee? Is there great parking or public transport. What about a pool table in the basement? These are the incentives that can attract the best applications from the best people.

If some of these recruitment video ideas sound like they’ll be useful to your dealership, get in touch today.

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