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Bluesky Interactive top nationwide client poll of independent agencies

Bluesky Interactive top nationwide client poll of independent agencies

Article published: 19 May 2015

We're delighted to announce that we've achieve 1st place for client rating in the Drum Independent Agencies Census 2015 - making us the highest rated agency of our size in the UK!

Hopefully, you already know that we've got years of knowledge and experience behind us, producing excellent and cutting-edge dealer websites supported by targeted and objective-led digital marketing campaigns. As it happens, we've won more than a handful of awards over the past 5 years, and as such it is the cherry on top to receive the news that we have been ranked the best agency in the UK (26-50 staff) for client ratings in the 2015 Independent Agency Census.

This is a survey and report produced by The Drum marketing publication and the Recommended Agencies Register (RAR), which takes into account our financials figures, how we are rated by clients, and our per-head profitability. Unsurprisingly, the category that mattered most to us was that of client ratings.

“What is remarkable”, says Alan Crane, Marketing Director, “is that we have been ranked first amongst such a wide and competitive field of agencies. It’s not just those within the automotive industry – we’ve topped the list across all fields with similar sized agencies. It’s a true commendation that yet again confirms the service levels and satisfaction of Bluesky Interactive clients”.

You may have noticed that the past 12 months has been a period of strong, steady growth and exciting business wins, and this prestigious award comes on the back of a range of accolades and success stories.

“We’ve had a great year – won or been highly recommended for multiple awards, and we’ve won (and delivered) the KIA Motors UK Used Vehicle Locator tender too”, confirms Alan. “This success is reflected in the fact that 100% of clients surveyed after project delivery would recommend us, and a strong 5% growth in our Top 200 dealer market share.”

One of our key company objectives is to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. You are the people that matter to us – and how we work with our clients is the key thing that means you’ll choose to work with us long past your first contract has expired.

To paraphrase a famous advert, this isn't just customer service – it is Bluesky Interactive customer service!

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