Bluesky Interactive integrate cutting edge Autochart technology into their dealer website platform

With 95% client retention and an emphasis on positive relationships it is important us that our exclusive dealer website platform moves with the times, consistently offering new opportunities to our dealers.

The latest phase of this continual development sees a partnership with innovative automotive start-up, Autochart, to integrate the very latest in lead profiling technologies into our website platform (The Cog Platform), enabling clients to have the opportunity to benefit from this futuristic functionality.

Autochart is a sophisticated piece of software that tracks visitors behaviour around a dealer’s website, and then adds this data to enquiry emails, and to the Bluesky Lead Management System, Cognition LMS. Dealers can then use this information to respond more appropriately to enquiries.

For example:  Visitor arrives on the website having clicked an AdWords Ad, searching for the keyword "Used Ford Focus". Once on the site they look at two different Focus models and then search (using monthly price) for a Fiesta instead. They enquire on this Fiesta, and the accompanying email enquiry contains all of this information. The sales team then use this to influence how they approach the lead - in this instance, upselling to a more expensive Focus with a tempting finance deal.

Whilst dealers can login to the Autochart back office to see all the available information, the data gathered is also added to the LMS and added to the bottom of email enquiries. This makes it as easy as possible to see all the information and handle enquiries appropriately.

Statistics show that dealer interaction is the most important contributor to making a sale – counting for 43% of the sales effectiveness. Combine this with the fact that nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads and it is clear that interacting with customers in the most relevant and appropriate way, as enabled by Autochart tracking, has a strong sales benefit.

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