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7 Competition Ideas for Car Dealer Social Media

7 Competition Ideas for Car Dealer Social Media

Article published: 11 July 2016

Do you do much on Social Media? Is your car dealership always Intagramming, or maybe you have a loyal customer base on Facebook? Maybe your sales staff are experts at tweeting to people in the area planning on buying cars?Get some great new social ideas from our in-house team today.

Do you do much on Social Media? Is your car dealership always Intagramming, or maybe you have a loyal customer base on Facebook? Maybe your sales staff are experts at tweeting to people in the area planning on buying cars?


We support a lot of our car dealer clients with a range of Social Media management services – but plenty more run their accounts internally. If you are one of the latter, and running a little low on inspiration, here are some ideas for how you can use competitions to engage with your online, social audience.

Sounds like too much work? Get in touch today to find out how our in-house social media experts can help.

1. Data Gathering

It’s not sexy but it is simple – run a simple “name in a hat” style competition as a way to gather customer data.

You will need to offer a reasonable prize to make it worth people’s while, and will also need to make sure that you meet with any data protection or “opt in” requirements. However, assuming you tick those boxes you should hopefully end up with a list of names and email addresses that can join your prospecting data base.

2. Creative tasks

Why not get social media followers to engage with a creative competition, such as designing a set of wheels, or coming up with a cool pattern for a car roof.

Successful creative campaigns we’ve done with our clients have seen hundreds of entries roll in from customers, many of whom shared their entries across the internet.

The result? Not only do you raise interaction with your client base, but many of them will share your company's name and details with a wider audience.

3. Quizzes and Questions

If you are looking for a long-term way to maintain engagement and keep talking to your customers, then a series of quizzes are a great way to do so.

People online respond really well to interesting quizzes, and as well as taking part and competing over the results, they also will be exposed to your brand name in a positive way. The idea is that not only do you collect entrant details, but those people will be more likely to think of your company name down the line.

4. Targeting existing customers

Sometimes you want to improve engagement with your existing customers – and this is where social media can contribute to customer retention figures.

Consider asking your social media followers for photos of them with the car they bought from your dealership. Alternatively, one client we have had a really positive response to a competition asking for memories of their dealership over the years.

Top tip: Give a prize that involves dealership contact, such as a service or MOT. This way the customer will reconnect with your brand, boosting loyalty.

5. Voting competitions

Any social competition that requires entrants to gather votes in order to win offers a real chance to build brand awareness.

Think about it – the entrant shares their entry (and therefore details about your dealership) with all their friends and family so to try and get them to vote for them. It’s a really fast way to start going somewhat viral!

6. Videos & Multi-Media

Competitions can be a great way to give you loads of good content to share on social media for months to come.

A competition that asks for video submissions, maybe in the form of testimonials, can then give you videos to share with your audience. Just be careful to make sure that your opt-in settings are correct and that everyone has given you permission to use their footage. If that’s all in place, off you go – lots of content for the price of a prize!

7. Targeting new buyers

Every day your dealerships will likely be selling cars to new (hopefully happy) customers. This customer base can be the most likely to engage with you on social media channels.

Why not facilitate this by finding ways to ensure as many new customers as possible visit your accounts? Consider giving a free pair of car mats each week to the customer who gets the most likes on their handover photos, or consider some sort of in-dealership treasure hunt they can collect answers to whilst in store.

Hopefully you’ll encourage these customers to go online and share their positive experience far more than they would without persuasion!

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