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5 Cool Settings in Our Automotive Ecommerce Solution

5 Cool Settings in Our Automotive Ecommerce Solution

Article published: 27 April 2021

Gain insight into some of the clever eCommerce options within the cutting-edge AutoTransact platform, the most flexible automotive checkout on the market. Today we're sharing 5 settings that ensure AutoTransact stands apart from it's competitors, giving you a truly flexible platform!

In case you hadn’t noticed, automotive eCommerce is all the rage at the moment, with dealers of all shapes and sizes offering checkout solutions in varying degrees of complexity – from online “reservations” that are actually just enquiry forms, through to complete end-to-end finance applications and location-level settings.

What’s more, customers are embracing the technology – and whilst the pandemic may have forced their hand, we think this technology is likely to be around for the long-haul now mind-sets and expectations have shifted.

Bluesky’s eCommerce solution, AutoTransact, is the most flexible option on the market – and today we are going to share 5 useful, clever and downright awesome settings that you’ll find in the AutoTransact portal.

Flexible Collection & Delivery

What do you do when someone has placed an order? Traditional car buying expects customers to collect their car from the existing vehicle location – but AutoTransact allows dealers to offer more “future-forward” settings.

With the ability to transfer vehicles between dealerships, and offer sophisticated delivery options (including built in optional caveats for electric vehicles, non-mainland transfers and more), the collection and delivery options in the AutoTransact car dealer checkout are nothing short of impressive.

What’s more, the settings / prices and products offered can vary from location to location.

Clever Part-Ex Valuation Rules

Our clever rule-builder allows you to tailor your part exchange valuations to your specific needs. As well as the expected functionality to up or downright manufacturers, models and more, you can also choose when you do or don’t return valuations.

Even better, your team will have control and visibility over these rules thanks to our rule preview tool, which allows you to understand any and all rules that are affecting a car, and what the impact of those rules might be.

Easy Data Control

In these GDPR-sensitive times we have ensured that you have complete control over your data within the AutoTransact automotive eCommerce solution.

That means not only can you choose how long personally identifiable information is retained, but you can also process individual data cleardown requests with minimal effort.

Advanced User Permissions

It’s important that the right people in your dealerships have access to the right functionality, and we believe that the user management functionality within AutoTransact is the most flexible out there.

Choose which team members can access what modules and settings to build a completely custom set of responsibilities and tasks, with dealership-level permissions wherever appropriate.

Optional Downtrading Support

The AutoTransact valuation module is built to allow dealers to facilitate downtrading if they choose, with range of intelligent settings that work to combine part ex, negative equity and vehicle values to assess whether you facilitate the order.

You can even specify what percentage of the vehicle being purchased can be funded by a part exchange, and when to introduce cashback (if you want to).

Motor trade eCommerce with finance

Get a demo of the AutoTransact automotive eCommerce product:

Do you like the sound of a motor trade eCommerce solution that is built with location-based flexibility in mind? Give us a shout on the form below to arrange a no-obligation demo of the AutoTransact platform.

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