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Our experts in automotive and the digital marketplace

We pride ourselves on our staff. With expert knowledge not only in automotive but across the digital marketplace they truly are the driving force of our business.

This is where our Marketing, HR and Finance departments sit, overseeing the practical aspects of Bluesky Interactive day in day out. They perform a wide range of duties, from being your first point of contact through to managing projects and billing, plus plenty in-between!

Client services form the cornerstone of our business philosophy, and they work with our clients to get to know their dealerships and objectives inside out. As a Bluesky client you will have a named Client Services team who know the dealer landscape back to front, and who understand the potential growth areas as well as problem areas – helping us to deliver you the results you need.

The Bluesky Design & Development team is a team of automotive web design experts working in a constantly changing landscape. With plenty of car dealer websites of all shapes and sizes under their belts they stay up to date with the latest web design trends and technologies, sifting through the options to ensure that our clients get beautiful websites that offer a great customer experience.

Our eMarketing team are on hand to help with all things digital marketing. Our product portfolio is wide and varied, but it is the eMarketing team's ability to build online marketing strategy and choose the products to meet the objectives of your business and dealerships that make them stand out in a crowd.

  • Alan Crane

    Alan Crane
    Managing Director

  • Steve Howard

    Steve Howard
    Senior Developer

  • Jon Barlow

    Jon Barlow
    eMarketing Executive

  • Lauren Cooke

    Lauren Cooke
    Head of Marketing

  • Martin Saunders

    Martin Saunders
    Senior Web Designer

  • Mark Butler

    Mark Butler

  • Tom Roberts

    Tom Roberts
    Senior Web Designer

  • Adam Kemp

    Adam Kemp
    Senior Web Designer

  • Raphael Millin

    Raphael Millin
    Head of Retail (South)

  • Simi Chamberlain

    Simi Chamberlain
    Account Manager

  • Mark Abbott

    Mark Abbott
    Web Designer

  • Rachel Foster

    Rachel Foster
    Web Designer

  • Callum Weir

    Callum Weir
    Web Designer

  • Tom Barber

    Tom Barber
    Design Manager

  • Freddie Tookey

    Freddie Tookey
    Technical Support Executive

  • Luke Chamberlain

    Luke Chamberlain
    eMarketing manager

  • Christina Hayes

    Christina Hayes
    Account Manager

  • Simone Crace

    Simone Crace
    Project Coordinator

  • Ben McDowell

    Ben McDowell
    Head of Manufacturer Services

  • Sam Colledge

    Sam Colledge
    Senior Web Designer

  • Radu Banu

    Radu Banu
    Web Designer

  • Oliver Blake

    Oliver Blake
    Web Designer

  • Paul Inkles

    Paul Inkles
    Web Designer

  • Michael Visser

    Michael Visser
    Database Manager

  • Dave Field

    Dave Field
    Web Developer

  • Rory Touhey

    Rory Touhey
    Web Designer

  • Brad Roberts

    Brad Roberts
    eMarketing Executive

  • Jodie Thomas

    Jodie Thomas
    Account Executive

  • Louise Dewing

    Louise Dewing
    Head of Projects

  • Shannon Parker

    Shannon Parker
    Account Executive

  • Rob Mitchell

    Rob Mitchell
    Account Manager

  • Shamila Chaudhary

    Shamila Chaudhary

  • Tom Hyatt

    Tom Hyatt
    Project Manager

  • Kayleigh Clarke

    Kayleigh Clarke
    Account Manager

  • Ciaran O’Connor

    Ciaran O’Connor
    Account Executive

  • Niall Green

    Niall Green
    Web Designer

  • Alex Baker

    Alex Baker
    Web Developer

  • Macloud Moyo

    Macloud Moyo
    eMarketing Executive

  • Hannah Brickley

    Hannah Brickley
    Account Manager

  • Luke Emery-Wood

    Luke Emery-Wood

  • Chris Hoppitt

    Chris Hoppitt
    Account manager

  • Jasmin Chambers

    Jasmin Chambers
    Senior Account Executive

  • Tony Meola

    Tony Meola
    Operations Director

  • Polly Caley

    Polly Caley
    Digital Support Executive

  • Scott Addinall

    Scott Addinall
    Web Designer

  • Abi Howard

    Abi Howard
    Account Executive

  • David McLanaghan

    David McLanaghan
    eMarketing Executive (SEO)

  • Amy Eburne

    Amy Eburne
    eMarketing Executive

  • Sam Moore

    Sam Moore
    Web Designer

  • Rupal Johal

    Rupal Johal
    Project Manager

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