Website Trends and Ideas: Looking Outside of Automotive

When managing a website and its future direction, it is always advisable to look outside of your niche. Alternative industries within faster-moving digital environments can give you new ideas and concepts, and can highlight opportunities for growth in your own marketplace. As such, we’ve compiled a little list of some of the key things going on outside automotive – to give you some inspiration for the future direction of your websites.


Amazon is a go-to option for digital marketers worldwide. It’s not pretty, but it works really, really well. We think the take away from the Amazon site is the upselling side of things. How can you begin the upselling process to car buyers from the website, rather than waiting until they’ve enquired? Does your website sell your additional services at the right point, if at all?

At the same time, Amazon Kindle have just launched “Mayday” a live video help channel for people using the Kindle Fire. Is this sort of instant live connection just one of many ways people will expect increased assistance and transparency in coming years?  We think so…


eCommerce websites are generally ahead of digital marketing trends because they rely on improvements to make sell more small ticket items. The key takeaway from the ASOS website is the extremely minimal navigation – the two key product sections (Men, and Women) are the only navigation items at the beginning. From there the drop downs allow refinement, but we need to think about whether you are offering too many confusing options in your navigation bar.


The BBC have decided that big banners at the top of the page aren’t for them. Instead, they’ve replaced the banners with tiles containing images and next, communicating a lot more in the same space. Are big homepage banners going to become a thing of the past? How could “standard” homepage design be reshuffled to provide a clearer experience of the user and to increase traffic to pages further into the website?
Regis Salons

What is interesting about the Regis Salons website is the social integration. The homepage neatly combines service pages, images, blog posts, social media updates, eCommerce calls to action and much more, making this one of the more social pages we’ve seen in a long time. Is there potential for car dealers to make more out of their varied content marketing. Could handover photos be showcased more obviously?

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