Who Are Your Visitors? Dealer Website Demographics Explored

In an ideal world, you may know something about the demographics of your actual, existing customers. You may be able to group them by gender, age brackets, maybe even to get a vague idea of their socio-economic standing.

More often than not, however, dealer groups don’t have access to this data. They are even less likely to know the demographics and customer profiles of their digital visitors – those they might never meet face to face!

Here’s how you can start getting to know your dealer website demographics.

1. If you haven’t already, add Google Analytics to your dealer website.

This is a free tool that offers a huge amount of website insight – it’s well worth taking a training course or two to get to understand it in more depth!

2. Within Google Analytics, enable visitor demographics.

It’s easy to do – simply navigate to Audience > Demographics > Overview in google Analytics, and if given the option, click “enable”. If you don’t see this, demographics is probably already enabled.

3. Use the Demographics tab to get top level information about your audience.

The overview tab will give you some nice graphics of key age and gender data – showing you that the highest number of visitors are in the 25-34 age category, for example, or that 68% of visitors are male.

Click into the age or gender tabs, and you can see key behavioural details – maybe 65+ visitors are looking at many more pages each time, or female visitors are converting to leads worse. The line graphs will also show you any peaks in particularly categories over time – great for tying demographics into offline or online marketing activity!

Note: on the overview tab you will see percentages for each of the graph – that tells you what percentage of websites visitors they have demographic data for. If it’s low, the data in this section will be much less useful!

4. Use segments to investigate even deeper.

The demographic tabs gives you some top level insight, but if you really want to dig deeper into how demographics use your website, you need to create a segment.

Navigate to the audience overview tab, and then click the “All Users” section beneath the section title. Choose the “+ New Segment” option.

Choose the demographic you want to view (i.e. just one gender, one age group or some combination therein). Name the segment so you can find it in the list again next time, and click save. You are now seeing the traffic for that demographic.

From here, you can look throughout the website analytics as you would normally – what pages do they view, what devices do they use, how do they convert. All information that’s hugely useful to refining your website and improving your marketing.

Let us know what you find out!

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