How can I test my new motor trade website?

Whilst Bluesky Interactive will test your website extensively prior to going live, it is also the responsibility of the client to conduct their own checks and audits in order to ensure any bugs and questions are ironed out before go live. There are a lot of different people and eyes looking at your new website every day, so inevitably some things are going to need tweaking and changing before we are ready to do the big launch.

So, how can you test your dealer website and what should you be looking out for?

The below steps should give you a good start…

Start with the simple stuff – spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  • Is it spelt right? 
  • Is it easy to read?
  • Will customers understand the language you use?

The content on your website is perhaps the easiest to overlook. When you provide content we will always give it a once over to proof-read it – but you will also need to do a thorough proof-read to make sure everything is spelt right and making sense.

Remember to read buttons and tabs – these are the easiest to overlook, and the more eyes checking this the less likely any embarrassing typos are to creep onto the website.

Testing Your Forms

  • Do the forms work for the customer? 
  • Have you received the enquiries? 
  • Do the enquiries and bookings you receive contain the right information?

We conduct our own form checks, but you too should make sure that the correct people are receiving your enquiries. This relies on your team confirming enquiry receipts.

Something that is often overlooked is the content of these enquiries.

Make sure to see if all the booking information you need is contained in the emails you receive, and that all the information the client would need is in the autoresponder. Remember – the requirements here are something you will have much more insight into, so please get each department to confirm these internally. We find aftersales tends to be overlooked – but it’s important that service booking emails actually contain the relevant information!


  • Does the website work well and look great on mobiles and tablets? 
  • Does it work on different browsers?

We run websites through a range of browser checks, and our sites are built to support IE9 and above, plus Firefox, Chrome and Safari. However, the more people looking the merrier. Why not get your team to browse through and use the website on phones, different computers and browsers, then compile a list of any bugs they may find?

Who has used the website?

  • Have members of the public tried the website?
  • Do they understand the website content?

Variety is the spice of life, and getting non-technical, non-dealer related people (maybe friends and family) to use your website can highlight things that the rest of us would never have noticed.

Between the designer, projects team and your sales / client services support, Bluesky does extensive website testing. Add your efforts to the list and we can create exciting, functional websites that go live smoothly and easily! What’s not to love?

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