How Servicing and MOTs Can Contribute to Online Customer Retention

It’s no secret that aftersales services offer a great opportunity to keep in contact with customers over the lifetime of their car purchase. Servicing and MOTs offer regular contact points that if offered promptly and in a thought-through manner can ensure customers are engaged with your brand over months and even years.

Taking into consideration the importance of this whole department, we thought we’d come up with some ways that aftersales services can be utilised on your website to help you milk the maximum customer retention performance out of your digital activity!

Make the most of your data and stay in touch with customers

It seems obvious – but a lot of the time the automotive market under-uses the rich data that they have available.

What do we mean by using data? We’re referring to creating a schedule of communications with your customers, ideally with those who have purchased a car through your dealership.

Those customers should receive email reminders about servicing needs and MOT dates at the VERY LEAST – but in an ideal world you should be doing much more. From sending through helpful hints and tips through to providing news and reviews of their car, you can make yourself invaluable to the customer – making them far more likely to re-convert at a future date.

Offer discounts for booking online and promote to existing customers

Once you’ve put a great schedule of relevant and engaging communications together, you should make sure to encourage them to book online.

Support your brilliant email or SMS communications by offering discounts for online bookings or special content and benefits that only apply to repeat business. You could even hide dedicated landing pages on your website to direct customers too, making them feel as special as possible!

Consider remarketing to reach car enquirers with aftersales services

Remarketing is a great way to reconnect with customers who perhaps visited your website but then didn’t send an enquiry. However, whilst this type of remarketing works really well, there are some even cleverer long-term strategies that you could employ.

For instance, why don’t you reach out to people who enquired 90 days after their purchase, with some sort of exciting add on. Maybe you could offer a free 3-month valet, or some sort of seasonal check.

Used in tandem with the email marketing mentioned above this could be a really exciting holistic digital customer retention strategy!

Use thank you pages to upsell aftersales services and service plans

Whilst the remarketing strategy above looks at the long term, our final tip focuses on going “above and beyond” for the customer the moment they’ve submitted their first enquiry.

As you are hopefully aware, on most websites when someone submits an email form they end up on a thank you page. This is a great opportunity to add some useful content that demonstrates what an amazing dealership you are.

Why not consider adding some happy customer photos, “what happens next” content and more? This is your first chance to impress!

Do you maximise your customer retention on your website in any other ways?

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