Saving The 1% - Quick Website Fixes to Generate More Enquiries

Hopefully you are familiar with the idea that it is easier to gain 1% of performance ten times than it is to gain 10% of performance with one change. The idea works across various markets and business areas, but I believe it is especially applicable to digital marketing and dealer websites.

Putting the effort in to improve your website in a variety of different ways will hopefully have the effect of boosting your website conversion – in real terms, that means you should hopefully generate more aftersales and sales enquires.

Note: A/B testing is the best way to assess website performance

If you have a lot of traffic on your website, then A/B testing allows you to send traffic to two versions of a page (the original, and your new “improved version”), and statistically assess which performs better. However, if you have a low traffic website it can take a very long time to assess statistical significance, so a combination of statistics and intuition may serve you better…

So, with that out of the way, here are ten potential 1% savings that can improve your dealer website:

How many of these 10 ways to improve the performance of your motor trader website performance have you already tried?

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