How Bluesky Interactive Stays at the Cutting Edge of Dealer Websites

Ever since Bluesky Interactive were first to the dealer marketplace with Responsive Design, we’ve aimed to stay at the cutting edge of technology. From working with third parties through to developing exciting products with our in-house tech team, we’re always beavering away at something!

With the marketplace changing so fast, we thought it might be a good idea to give a bit of insight into how we approach technical development, and what allows us to stay at the cutting edge.

1. Listening to dealers

We regularly quiz our dealers on the “state of the nation” – working out their priorities and business needs for the year ahead.

This gives us great insight into key development areas and the way the industry is moving, helping us to make sure we keep our sights on the most relevant products and improvements.

In addition, dealers often have specific technical or product requests. We like to listen to these requests and then work them into schedules of development, ensuring that we are actively meeting our dealer client’s needs.

2. Being proactive

Part of our development focus is listening to dealers, but it’s also important that we are creative and proactive too.

We maintain board upon board of development ideas, which are then regularly sifted through and added to our technical pipeline – a schedule of work and improvements that we keep on top of. These cover large, in-depth projects through to a separate section of small “tweaks” which can be rolled out in groups, allowing us to keep ahead of the technology curve in a number of different ways.

3. Developing industry relationships

At the moment we are noticing a real theme in our development activity of integrating with exciting industry third party products, such as Dealer Management Systems, industry-goliaths like Autotrader, CRM solutions and much more.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, ideally we want to be the 3rd party pilot partner of choice, which is all about building excellent, mutually beneficial relationships in the industry.

This conscientious and respectful way of doing business is how we like to approach all aspects of our dealer websites and client relationships, so it’s no surprise that we are regularly contacted by 3rd parties. It helps we’re known for being flexible and open to new ideas, as well!

4. Looking for the themes

As well as thinking about specific products for development, we try and think about a particular theme as well.

This could be an area that other retail businesses are focusing, something that’s come up at NADA or anything else. The main thing is that we’re aware of trends before they even happen, and can get our “development hats” on in advance.

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