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How To Be The Most Popular Car Dealer In Your Area

With local searches like “car dealerships near me” growing every month, being the best dealer in your local area matters more than ever. But how can you make sure your dealership is the most popular? Here are a few suggestions for you to demonstrate that your dealership goes the extra mile.

The Future of The Automotive Industry and How It Will Impact Your Business

The automotive marketplace is constantly developing in response to the ever-changing demands of its consumers. Arguably a chicken-and-egg scenario: does technology lead demand, or is it the other way around?

Why Your Colleagues Know Nothing About Buying Cars

One of the pitfalls of being employed in the car dealer world is the likelihood that you and your colleagues probably haven’t actually purchased a car for years. Therefore it could be the case that their knowledge of how to buy cars for themselves, rather than selling them to others, doesn’t match that of a real-life customer. Read on to find out how you can remedy this.

Google Reporting: What Do Website Statistics Actually Mean?

Whilst using Google Analytics is crucial for measuring your success and formulating strategies for your dealership’s campaigns, it can be very easy for beginner users to get lost in the terminology. Many of these terms are confusing or similar to each other, so our Google-certified experts have rounded up a list of the most common terms to help you start to bust the jargon.

Can't Keep Up? 5 Ways to Simplify Communicating with Your Customers

Providing consistently successful customer service is all about maintaining effective communication. Nowadays, that stretches into the customer’s online experience of your dealership. Here's a few tips which could save you time, without scrimping on the quality of your communications.

How Should Auto Dealerships be Using Email Marketing in 2017?

Email marketing is a low cost tool that can enable dealerships to build lasting relationships with their customers, far beyond the initial sale of the car. Ensure that you are the first port of call when customers need to address these needs by concentrating on these points.

Simple Ways to Boost Engagement on Your Dealership Website

Whilst elements such as ‘likes’ on your social media channels and traffic coming to your site mean that people are certainly initially interested in what you have to say, this is only the starting point. So, here are a few very simple things that you can do to increase your visitors engagement with your website.

3 Things You Didn't Know Affected Your Dealer Website SEO

Dealer SEO is a complicated area - that’s why clients ask us to help. For instance, did you know that these three elements can have a big impact on your organic traffic?

6 Sales and Marketing Podcasts for your Dealership to Start Listening to Today!

A well-chosen podcast is an opportunity to learn something new, top-up your knowledge, or even offer new perspective on your dealership - all you need is a pair of willing ears and you can make the best use of your ‘in-between’ time!

3 Predictions for Tech that will Change Automotive Marketing within Just 5 years!

Technological advances have snowballed over recent years. Listed in this article are a few interesting concepts and products that could shape the landscape of digital marketing for auto businesses in the coming five years.

Encourage sales for your dealership with LinkedIn

Here are a few simple tips on getting started on the LinkedIn social media network.

How Servicing and MOTs Can Contribute to Online Customer Retention

Taking into consideration the importance of the aftersales department, we've come up with some ways that these services can be utilised on your website to help you milk the maximum customer retention performance out of your digital activity!

What is work experience like at Bluesky Interactive?

Find out what it is like to complete work experience at one of the UK's leading automotive digital agencies!

7 Ways You Can Empower Your Sales Team in Order to Please Your Customers

Why not try some of these top tips to send your sales team from "average" to "impressive"? Deliver the wow experience that helps retain more customers.

Saving The 1% - Quick Website Fixes to Generate More Enquiries

We come up with 10 easy ways to improve your website conversions, helping you to generate more enquiries with minimal effort!

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