6 Sales and Marketing Podcasts for your Dealership to Start Listening to Today!

We’re partial to a podcast; after re-discovering the medium last year, it has filled many long hours of commuting, exercise and chores with strategy improving tidbits.

A well-chosen podcast is an opportunity to learn something new, top-up your knowledge, or even offer new perspective on your dealership - all you need is a pair of willing ears and you can make the best use of your ‘in-between’ time!

We’ve whittled down a list of six of the best podcasts for your dealership team, all of which are free to download and enjoy.

The Dealer Playbook

Great sound quality and the top of every list! The Dealer Playbook is a weekly American podcast jam packed with interviews and really useful marketing ‘nuggets’. Bear in mind that the US market is usually ahead of the UK, so you can get a jump on your competitors.

The Car Dealer Podcast by Motor Trader Radio

Motor Trade Radio’s podcast offers regular updates from UK suppliers and dealers - and, forgive me, I had to mention this one as an earlier episode features our very own, Lauren Cooke!


Another US podcast, MarketPunch broadcast their interviews with leading professionals in the field. It is explained in simple and straightforward language, offering some great content advice to improve your dealer marketing.

CopyBlogger FM

This podcast may not be specifically auto-related, but CopyBlogger is a great resource for content marketers. Get great tips on copywriting, email marketing and much more.

The Social Media Marketing Podcast

As with CopyBlogger, SMM is not car dealer related, however it is entertaining and great for developing your digital marketing practice. Plus, we all know the Uk car market has a lot of work to achieve peak social media strategy.

The Advanced Selling Podcast

If you have a customer-facing role this may be for you, specifically for improving your sales techniques.

Do you listen to any other podcasts that we can add to our list?

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