5 Ways to Update Your Quarterly Offers in Record Time

Next week, in case you haven’t noticed, is quarter change week. Subject to the organisation levels of your manufacturers and your own personal dealer set up, that probably means that next week is likely to be a mad rush to get offers, deals and cars up on your website and ready for customers to enjoy.

Getting offers online is one of the most challenging and demanding parts of a digital dealer presence. It’s not because there isn’t the tech to do it (there is) but because usually there are so many deals to add that it’s a real time suck.

So, how can you update your offers in record time? We specialise in automotive digital solutions, so here are some ideas…

1. Auto-publish your offers

If you are lucky enough to know your quarterly offers in advance then make use of the extra time by uploading your offers in the weeks coming up to the first of the month.

Of course this only works if your website knows how the motor trade works and allows you to schedule pages to go live on a specific date – as most offers are embargoed before launch. That said, most allow you to schedule posts!

2. Update in one location, display in multiple locations!

If you display your offers in multiple, highly relevant locations – such as on car pages, Motability sections, franchise landing pages and the like – then you need a system like the Bluesky Offers Module that allows you to create one page that feeds automatically to all the relevant locations.

Our system displays your offers in various locations depending on how you tag them, which saves all the copying and pasting that you would traditionally have to do.

3. Work with an agency with manufacturer connections

All of our clients are automotive, which means that in many cases we will have this quarters offers faster than you. Our contacts and wide range of dealer clients means that you can have your offers updated before you know it, as we share the updated across our network and make quick work of the challenge.

4. Enlist your agency team to help!

It’s not just us – any good web provider should be willing to go above and beyond to help you at the busiest time of the year.

That means that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help updating your offers – if you and your team are struggling to get them all up to date then you should give your Account Manager the opportunity to take some of the load. Of course, quarter change is busy for everyone, but just a little assistance can make a pretty big difference!

5. Put your website first

The likelihood is that the largest and most important marketing audience hit your website before other methods of marketing.

We find that dealers still often treat their website as an afterthought, despite it’s ever-growing importance. In reality you know that it matters hugely, and it’s one of the most immediate mediums out there – and probably the end destination for most of your other marketing materials.

This means you need to take the time to put your offers on your website first! It makes sense, doesn’t it?

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