Can't Keep Up? 5 Ways to Simplify Communicating with Your Customers

Providing consistently successful customer service is all about maintaining effective communication. Nowadays, that stretches into the customer’s online experience of your dealership.

Below are a few tips which could save you time, without scrimping on the quality of your communications.

Automate what you can

Creating communications with customers across multiple channels can overwhelm a smaller team. That is, unless, you automate your messages using email or SMS systems with your customer’s data.

This means that all leads will be at different stages before they convert with you - early on, they will simply be investigating your dealership or showing interest in your content; after an interaction, they could be at the tipping point of buying.

Established customers also need to receive automated messages, in the nature of reminders for when their services are due, for example.

Being one step ahead of the customer in terms of your communications means that you are tactfully providing answers ‘before they even ask the questions’.

Utilise online booking forms

With dealership opening hours dictating the availability of staff, many customers who need to enquire turn to the web. In fact, most enquiries are actually generated outside of business hours.

One of the best ways to generate a servicing enquiry is the online enquiry form.

Bluesky websites such as TL Darby use an online service booking for MOTs, which deliver four times as many enquiries than old fashioned multi-step service booking forms. This reiterates the importance of simplifying your processes.

Not only does this mean that useful data can be collected from the customer, but bookings and sales can be gathered even when staff aren’t available to take the bookings themselves.

Third party enquiry products

The main reason that many leads are lost and never convert is due to a poor response time - but you should use technology to help you improve this and stand out from other dealers.

Incorporating rapid response software such as Calldrip to your website can convert a lead into a sale with 80% more success at getting in touch than email alone. After receiving an email enquiry, the software will call you to connect you with the customer in real-time, ensuring that every enquiry is followed up and you are striking whilst the iron is hot.

Tools like this can transform your communication with car buyers.

Multiple support channels

Big ticket purchases like cars come with a need for customer support. It is important to have many communication options so that the customer is able to choose the method that they feel most comfortable using.

Consider introducing a live chat functionality on your website, or offering support in social media, to offer much more flexibility to both your staff and your customers.

The challenge of this is maintaining each channel, keeping a good response time and a consistent brand tone of voice. It’s demanding and often more than a one-man job!

Don’t forget though, Bluesky can offer full social media management for those who need a hand.

Provide extra information

Following an enquiry, customers need reassurance and confirmation that their enquiry will be handled quickly and responded to in a timely manner. Automated emails or on-screen messages rarely contain as much reassuring content as they could.

Consider adding content explaining ‘what happens next’ to your automated response and thank you pages to reassure and re-engage website visitors - perhaps give them a time frame of when they can expect to hear back from you.

It’s also useful to build a comprehensive online ‘knowledge base’ featuring FAQ’s on various issues. This provides a low maintenance ‘self service’ Q&A for the customer and doesn’t need a physical presence to constantly manage it.

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