5 Steps to Follow When Planning Your Next Car Dealer Website

How do you go about planning a new website? What do you need to think about? How do you know what the car buying public need?

As leading motor trade website providers, we share the top 5 steps that will help you towards a new, exciting and objective-driven website that could change your online performance for the better.

Step 1: Understand what you (and your customers!) want from a website

The very first step towards a new website sounds simple, but is actually often one of the most challenging – working out what you and your customer base want and need from a new website.

Start by thinking about the fun, more “frivolous” parts – such as how the website will look, and what other websites you like – and then work your way down to the more detailed, specific elements. You may find that surveys of staff and customers can give you some real insight, and it is often work arranging “user sessions” with customers to understand how they are using your existing website.

Hopefully by the end of this process you will have a collection of ideas, requirements and hopes/dreams that will be vital in allowing you to achieve your website goals.

Step 2: Understand what you want from your car dealer website supplier

Now you know your website needs, comes the second question – how do you want your website agency to work with you? 

As an example, at Bluesky our company mission statement focuses on Relationships, Results and Technology. What that means for our clients is that the experience they have is very personal – we flex to meet their needs and ONLY build completely bespoke websites. Alongside that, our website platform aims to always be at the cutting edge. If you want an agency that deliver great service and unique websites, we’re the one for you! 

However, you may find that other qualities matter to you in an agency – and understanding how your business wants to work with an agency will make it much easier for you to choose one.

Step 3: Write a comprehensive brief

Ok, so you know what you want and you know how you plan to work with your dream digital agency, so now is the time to put it down in writing. 

Your agency may have their own briefing process, but you will almost definitely be able to re-use this when moving forward with your new dealer website, so don’t worry about doubling up. 

This is the perfect time to put down all your realisations and requirements from the previous two steps. When done, run it past other people and even family members for feedback.

Step 4: Empower your key departments

It’s important to empower your key internal stakeholders in your new website build – but at the same time, you’ll need to prevent the project becoming a “by committee” affair. 

A process that we’ve found works well with Bluesky websites is to involve your key departments at a certain stage of the process. Usually this is after the overarching brief, and after you’ve pinned down a final list of functionality that your website will have.  

Once you have this, why not arrange meetings with key members from each department. We usually start by briefing them on the aim of the project, its overall objectives, and filling them in on the unmovable functionality list. Then we can work with them to identify content needs and unique selling points that can be compiled to allow their website areas to be as personal, relevant and interesting as possible. 

The result? The departments have been able to share their content needs, and feel involved in the project.

Step 5: Work to an internal project plan

Finally, by this point you’ve established what you want, everyone’s invested and you’re feeling excited about the project to come. Now is the time to put a few dates in the diary to keep that enthusiasm rolling! 

Agencies like us will have our own internal project plans – why not ask them for your key dates? These will include things like the due date for copy, confirmation of any integrations and when you need to set aside time to test the site or review your concepts. 

 Not only are you excited, but now the project is super-organised too!

Are you planning on taking the first steps to a brand new website? Use the simple contact form below to get in touch with Bluesky Interactive and see how we can help you plan the website and achieve all of your objectives.

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