5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Your Dealership's Online Presence

In an industry as competitive as ours, it’s important to keep tabs on your competition. Keeping an eye on the online activities that they’re conducting successfully, as well as what they’re making mistakes with, means that you can avoid overlooking simple things that could improve your own dealership’s online reputation. How many of these are your car dealership doing to make yourself stand apart from your competitors?

Social media strategy

Have a regular glance over your main competitors social media feeds; what are their strengths? What could they do more of? Who are they having conversations with and who is actively engaging with them?

Social media allows dealers to expand their reach to a wider audience whilst staying relevant to their target audience. It also means that you can put a ‘friendly face’ to your business, encouraging followers to drop any of their preconceived ideas about car dealers.

Dealers which don’t use any form of social media are missing a huge opportunity to connect with their potential customers, so this could be giving your business an advantage, especially when many car buyers use social media channels as their first port of call to look for deals, available stock and get a general feel for the dealership’s attitude and legitimacy.

With a wide reach and low cost, there is no excuse to avoid social media nowadays - you can contact us for more information on our social media management services if you need help with this!

Website structure

Every product has a life cycle and a point where it becomes outdated - especially when it’s involved with technology - and new upgrades become available on what feels like a constant loop. Because of this, it’s important to do an online audit of what your competitors are utilising when it comes to how they’re designing their website.

Online booking forms for servicing and test drives - such as the one used on our T L Darby website - are starting to gain traction and are becoming popular as customers begin to trust in online retail shopping more and more.

Even the way that competitor websites are structured and how they’ve mapped out the ‘journey’ for customers landing on their site - using bold call to action buttons, clear signposting and search features - can help you to evaluate your own site and whether it needs an overhaul to become more customer friendly.

Websites are your dealership's shop window - you want to be competitive.


Consistent branding not only creates a more professional and trustworthy appearance for your customers, but it can also give your dealership a new lease of life!

Sales executives already know that image can be everything to some customers and therefore your dealership’s image shouldn’t end with well-dressed staff and a plush forecourt. It’s important to maintain the balance between your franchise and the dealership’s brand and a friendly, contemporary and professional looking online presence can be easily achieved:

  • Pick no more than three brand colours to reflect your franchise
  • Use a typeface on your website that is easily readable and scalable, no matter what size screen or printed media a customer could be viewing your content on. Use the same fonts everywhere you can for consistency
  • Tell your brand story on your website’s bio page and create a visual story across your online presence. Many dealerships use the same content on every page of their website and give little thought to the potential buyer reading it, hoping for reassurance that the dealership is trustworthy. Adding a touch of nostalgia can also help to build a trusting connection with car buyers

Other areas to investigate against your competitors:

  • Sales and promotions - are your deals better than your competitors? From the timing down to the offers themselves, you can borrow ideas of the things that have gone well for use for your own events
  • Content generation - not everyone has the same expertise and browsing through your competitor’s blog from time to time can not only help you to identify areas which need addressing in terms of brushing up your own knowledge, but can also inspire your next blog post! SEO - identify traffic areas competitors are tapping into and use these to inspire your own activities

Avoid costly mistakes and improve your online presence with the help of one of our Bluesky experts! Fill in the form below for more information, or check out Bluesky’s digital solutions.

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