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Our Pick of Web Design Trends for 2019

What will 2019 mean to the web design world? What will the big trends be? What will matter (and what won’t) when you design your 2019 dealer website?

What do dealer SEO strategies look like in 2019?

A look at the year ahead in automotive Search Engine Optimisation - what's new, what's the same, and what should car dealers be focusing on over the next 12 months?

How to Tell if Your Dealer Website Needs an SEO Package

SEO, is the art of changing content and technical aspects of your website in order to encourage the site to show higher up search result pages on search engines such as Google or Bing. Involving both on-site and off-site aspects, it’s a long-term strategy and something of an artform! So, what should you look out for to suggest you need to invest in SEO?

How can AdRoll help your dealership?

Have you heard of AdRoll, a well-respected retargeting and prospecting platform? Here's how they can help your dealership to maximise returning traffic.

Understanding Analytics on Your Dealer Website

Website statistics – what murky waters, right? You could be forgiven to wanting to avoid all the nonsensical words and complicated stats – but we believe that it’s worth taking the time to understand your website performance stats. In fact, we think it’s vital to having a successful website. Here are the areas we think are vital, and what they mean in the automotive marketplace:

CarGurus Guest Blog | Measurement Matters: Beyond Lead Generation and Towards a More Complete Picture of Engagement

Don’t let an overabundance of data and dashboards keep you from measuring what really matters. When gauging the success of your digital marketing, you should be looking at metrics from the top and the bottom of the buying funnel: engagement and lead generation. Here’s what to think about, what metrics really matter, and where to get them.

How to write a SEO friendly blog post

Bluesky's in-house SEO experts offer their top tips on how dealers can write their very best SEO-focused blog posts.

Automotive Digital Marketing Cheatsheet - The Ultimate Jargon Buster

Do you ever find yourself confused by all the (numerous!) digital marketing related terms that different agencies throw around? Even though we at Bluesky try to keep things transparent and straightforward, we can still find ourselves talking a bit of digital gobbledygook from time to time. Plus, we know that a lot of dealers receive unsolicited sales emails from lots of digital companies – so, here’s how to never get blinded by jargon again!

7 Key Dealer Car Finance Trends Codeweavers found last month

Charlotte Turn from Codewaeavers shares the last month's key online car finance trends!

The retention cycle in the car industry and how you can use marketing to help you

As there is a practical and cost-saving marketing approach, how can you tap into the automotive retention cycle to maximise your customer retention? And how can digital marketing help you out?

Auto Trader Click Awards – Why JCT600 and HR Owen Won

This year we are delighted to announce that two websites produced by the Bluesky Interactive design team received these prestigious awards - HR Owen won “Digital Retailer of the Year” and JCT600 scooped the “Best Digital Customer Experience” award!

How Colour & Copy Can Improve Your Sales Conversions on Your Dealer Website

There are a number of factors which you can consider when aligning your colour and content writing choices with your dealership’s branding and web design.

How Has Politics Affected The UK Automotive Industry So Far in 2017?

With the General Election in May and Article 50 negotiations beginning this week, it seems that automotive news has been rife with political policies regarding the impacts of the automotive and manufacturing industries, and particularly their effects on the environment.

Simple Steps For Your Dealership To Embrace Personalisation

According to a recent report from Episerver about the ‘State of Digital Commerce’, 62% of marketers admit that they aren't utilising personalisation in their communications with customers! Here's a few simple tips to get you started...

5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Your Dealership's Online Presence

Keeping an eye on your competitor's online activities means that you can avoid overlooking simple things that could improve your own dealership’s online reputation. How many of these are your car dealership doing to make yourself stand apart from your competitors?

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