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Google Reporting: What Do Website Statistics Actually Mean?

Whilst using Google Analytics is crucial for measuring your success and formulating strategies for your dealership’s campaigns, it can be very easy for beginner users to get lost in the terminology. Many of these terms are confusing or similar to each other, so our Google-certified experts have rounded up a list of the most common terms to help you start to bust the jargon.

Can't Keep Up? 5 Ways to Simplify Communicating with Your Customers

Providing consistently successful customer service is all about maintaining effective communication. Nowadays, that stretches into the customer’s online experience of your dealership. Here's a few tips which could save you time, without scrimping on the quality of your communications.

How Should Auto Dealerships be Using Email Marketing in 2017?

Email marketing is a low cost tool that can enable dealerships to build lasting relationships with their customers, far beyond the initial sale of the car. Ensure that you are the first port of call when customers need to address these needs by concentrating on these points.

Simple Ways to Boost Engagement on Your Dealership Website

Whilst elements such as ‘likes’ on your social media channels and traffic coming to your site mean that people are certainly initially interested in what you have to say, this is only the starting point. So, here are a few very simple things that you can do to increase your visitors engagement with your website.

3 Things You Didn't Know Affected Your Dealer Website SEO

Dealer SEO is a complicated area - that’s why clients ask us to help. For instance, did you know that these three elements can have a big impact on your organic traffic?

6 Sales and Marketing Podcasts for your Dealership to Start Listening to Today!

A well-chosen podcast is an opportunity to learn something new, top-up your knowledge, or even offer new perspective on your dealership - all you need is a pair of willing ears and you can make the best use of your ‘in-between’ time!

3 Predictions for Tech that will Change Automotive Marketing within Just 5 years!

Technological advances have snowballed over recent years. Listed in this article are a few interesting concepts and products that could shape the landscape of digital marketing for auto businesses in the coming five years.

Encourage sales for your dealership with LinkedIn

Here are a few simple tips on getting started on the LinkedIn social media network.

How Servicing and MOTs Can Contribute to Online Customer Retention

Taking into consideration the importance of the aftersales department, we've come up with some ways that these services can be utilised on your website to help you milk the maximum customer retention performance out of your digital activity!

What is work experience like at Bluesky Interactive?

Find out what it is like to complete work experience at one of the UK's leading automotive digital agencies!

7 Ways You Can Empower Your Sales Team in Order to Please Your Customers

Why not try some of these top tips to send your sales team from "average" to "impressive"? Deliver the wow experience that helps retain more customers.

Saving The 1% - Quick Website Fixes to Generate More Enquiries

We come up with 10 easy ways to improve your website conversions, helping you to generate more enquiries with minimal effort!

5 Stats from Real Car Dealer Websites that Will Get You Thinking

If you are interested in boosting the performance of your dealer website, then these stats will probably be of interest to you. This is real, anonymised dealer website data!

How can I test my new motor trade website?

New dealer websites need testing from the agency designing them AND the client the website is for. Here's how you can test your brand new website.

Could Live Chat help your dealership?

Live chat has been one of the biggest trends of the past few years, and for good reason. It gives customers a change to communicate “live” with your company, without having to pick up the phone or walk into a dealership. So how can it benefit you?

Who Are Your Visitors? Dealer Website Demographics Explored

Dealer groups are unlikely to have access to much information about the demographics of their customers and website visitors. Here is how Google Analytics can help you to find out more!

Bluesky Interactive are Highly Commended in 3 digital categories at this year’s Car Dealer Power Awards!

We’re delighted to announce that our loyal clients have voted in their masses at this year’s Car Dealer Power Awards, meaning that we have been Highly Commended for a remarkable three categories!

Non-Automotive: 5 Websites That Can Help You to Sell More

Every once in a while we like to look outside of the motor trade and find some great websites that can offer some new inspiration or fresh ideas. Let’s see what’s on the table today…

7 Competition Ideas for Car Dealer Social Media

Do you do much on Social Media? Is your car dealership always Intagramming, or maybe you have a loyal customer base on Facebook? Maybe your sales staff are experts at tweeting to people in the area planning on buying cars?Get some great new social ideas from our in-house team today.

5 Steps to Follow When Planning Your Next Car Dealer Website

How do you go about planning a new website? What do you need to think about? How do you know what the car buying public need? As leading motor trade website providers, we share the top 5 steps that will help you towards a new, exciting and objective-driven website that could change your online performance for the better.

Service Booking Issues - The Trials & The Truths

Service Booking should be a key element of a motor trade website - so why do traditional multi-step booking forms have such a high drop off rate? The Bluesky team investigate...

How can we use demographic data in our online marketing?

Last week we wrote about how to gather demographic data on your car buyers and your website visitors. Now let’s take a look at how that data can be used to help you improve your digital marketing and your customer targeting.

Using Demographics Series: How to gather demographic data.

The first instalment in our series of articles investigating how car dealers can use demographic data in their online marketing.

Design inspiration: What trends are we seeing in 2016 to date?

We are 5 months into 2-16 - so it's the perfect time to identify this year's web design trends. What's hot, what's cool, and what can car dealers take inspiration from?

The 10 Most Common Problems with Car Dealer Websites

As a digital marketing agency we’re ideally positioned to share some of the most common missed opportunities with a dealer’s website presence.

How Bluesky Interactive Stays at the Cutting Edge of Dealer Websites

Ever since Bluesky Interactive were first to the dealer marketplace with Responsive Design, we’ve aimed to stay at the cutting edge of technology. From working with third parties through to developing exciting products with our in-house tech team, we’re always beavering away at something!

6 Minimalist Website Designs that Car Dealers can Learn From

They may be simple, but that doesn't mean they don't have lessons for the automotive market.

What Does It Mean? Introducing the Concept of an Omni-Channel Experience.

Digitally engaged dealers should be planning how they will improve the online experience for their customers (and, ideally, their sales team), and a major part of that will likely be delivering an Omni-channel experience.

NADA: What we can learn from the American Dealer Market

Now that NADA has drawn to a close we wanted to pull together some of the key things that we've picked up – both from the convention and from the American dealer market in general. So, what does the US have to teach us?

5 Ways to Update Your Quarterly Offers in Record Time

Next week is quarter change week. Getting offers online is one of the most challenging and demanding parts of a digital dealer presence. So, how can you update your offers in record time?

5 Common Myths About Social Media For Car Dealers

Social Media can be a sticky subject for our car dealer clients. Because a motor trade Twitter or Facebook account tends not to generate leads as its main focus, dealers tend to worry that it is a waste of money, or a waste of time. Read on for a few of the common social media myths we’re here to dispel.

Do real-data valuations generate more enquiries?

One of the biggest website trends of the last 12 months for car dealers has been the addition of car valuation lead generators. “Value my car” leads can now account for more than 50% of enquiries on a typical website, but do live valuations perform better than standard forms?

3 Early Warning Signs of Falling Website Traffic

Without traffic, your website means nothing. To use an old metaphor, you’ll be shouting into an empty room. Here we share 3 key areas that can tell you your traffic is falling.

Launching the CogExpress Dealer Website Package

CogExpress is a dealer website solution that offers a fully-responsive website packed with off-the-shelf dealer technology, and which is from brief to live in just 4 weeks.

4 Things Manufacturers Can Teach Dealers About Branding

As the motor trade environment gets more crowded, and the internet makes “local” count for less and less, dealers need to brand their business in order to stand out from competitors. Here are some of the lessons they should take from the manufacturers.

What are the key elements of a dealer website?

Take this video tour to find out what features every automotive website should have!

5 Year Flashback to Dealer Websites in 2011

Car dealer websites have changed a lot in the past 5 years. Here we take a look at three websites then, and now.

5 Reasons Why Mobile Websites are a Bad Choice for Car Dealers

Find out why we think you will fall behind the competition if you have a separate mobile dealer website, rather than a Responsive Website Design.

10 Ways to Boost Dealer Website SEO

Dealer websites get traffic and visitors through a number of different online channels, one of which is via Search Engines such as Google. This post takes you through some of the key ways to boost the SEO performance of your dealer website – are you doing everything you can?

7 key elements of a dealer’s digital marketing strategy

A successful marketing strategy for a digitally inclined car dealer is part statistics, part instinct. Here are some key elements that every successful digital marketing strategy should include.

What are the Top Automotive Digital Marketing Trends for 2016?

New Year, New Digital Strategy

Car Dealer Website Statistics - Benchmarking & Best Practice

If you are interested in knowing how your website performs in comparison to other car dealers, or what the best figures in the industry are, then this is the automotive blog post for you.

Automotive copywriting and SEO webinar

Last week we treated our car dealer clients to a free webinar on copywriting for the automotive industry. Read on for the latest suggestions, tips and advice!

Pour yourself a cuppa and listen to this week’s Car Dealer Podcast.

We’re here, and we’re taking over the airwaves! In a Bluesky Interactive first, we’ve been interviewed for a podcast which is now available online for any discerning dealers wanting to get a little insight into the digital world and the future direction of dealer websites.

Investing in People: My First Week as an Apprentice at Bluesky Interactive

Bluesky have just taken on their first ever apprentice. Jacob Morris has joined our eMarketing team, and will be working with all of our key departments during his time with the business.

What makes the Alan Day Volkswagen website so good?

The Alan Day VW website was Highly Commended in this year’s Motor Trader Awards for the sought after category of Dealer Website of the Year. It’s a highly converting website that delivers 20% conversion levels, so it clearly performs very well – but what makes it so great?

Bluesky Interactive top nationwide client poll of independent agencies

We're delighted to announce that we've achieve 1st place for client rating in the Drum Independent Agencies Census 2015 - making us the highest rated agency of our size in the UK!

Our sister company, MB Advertising, win Dealer Marketing Agency award.

Bluesky Interactive's sister agency, MB Advertising, has won the coveted Dealer Marketing Agency award at the Car Dealer Power Awards 2015.

Automotive PPC Essentials | What is CTR?

Welcome to the first in a series of quick videos on Frequently asked Automotive PPC questions. In the first installment in the series, our in-house automotive Pay Per Click digital marketing experts tell you what CTR (Click through rate) means, and some of the ways that we make sure to improve this in the paid search campaigns that we run for dealers of all sizes.

Bluesky Interactive integrate cutting edge Autochart technology into their dealer website platform

Autochart is a lead profiling technology that tracks individual visitors to dealer websites. This information can be used by the sales team to increase the sales potential of enquiries.

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